Friday, December 7, 2012

Ladybug Appetizers

Submitted by Marcia Van Camp

I made these for RenĂ©e's Peterson's baby blessing.  They were cute and delicious!


1 small can of chip dip like Utz sour cream and onion, or something similar
36 Ritz crackers or sliced cucumbers
18 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
18 large black olives (pitted)
72 fresh chive pieces (about 1-1/2 inches long)

1. Take a cracker and spread it with the chip dip
2. Take a cherry tomato which has already been cut in half and make a small slit in the back (not the stem side) so it looks like parted wings.  The side of the tomato where the stem used to be has a nice indent which is best for the head.  Place the tomato on the cracker
3. Take a black olive and cut it into 4 pieces (1 vertical and 1 horizontal cut).  This will give you about 4 heads depending on the size of the olive.  Use 1 head and place it next to the tomato.
4. Attach small chive pieces between the head and the body for antennae
5. Take a tablespoon of the chip dip and mix it with black dye.  Use a toothpick to make spots on the tomato
6. Use another toothpick to make eyes with the chip dip
7. Repeat steps and make more yummy ladybugs!

Voila! Cute and cute!

1. Other receipes online show making a cream cheese mixer and although I did this, I think sour cream would be a lot easier to use and taste just fine.
2. I don't have the chives in the picture because I was travelling with these and thought they wouldn't do well being transported.
3. I used crackers but they were a bit soggy after travel.  I think I will try cucumbers if my prep to serve time is a long again.
4. There are so many ways people make these...beds of lettuce and so on.  I encourage you to look online for inpiration to see how you want to make your own special ladybugs.