Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Did the Peep Say?

Spring 2014

Marcia & Casey Van Camp

So...For many years I have wanted to enter the Washington Post's Peep Contest.  We had so much fun creating this BUT it was a lot of work.

Gingerbread men getting painted

I bought some moss at the craft store and we used spray glue to get it to stick.  We glued black paper to the sides of the box so it would be nice and dark.  We also added foam to the bottom so that we could stick the branches through and glue them down.  We used toothpicks to help the gingerbread men stand up.

For the main characters, I cut their ears so they would look more like foxes.  I bought some small pieces of felt and sewed them little outfits which was really fun.  I bent and cut a coat hanger to help them stand up straight and so I could adjust the way they were standing.  We had some little battery lights we stuck into the walls and some we put in the moss and I really like the way they look.

These pictures of course have the flash on so you can see things easier but the above photo is closer to what it really looked like.

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